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Jihad: Perception and Reality

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Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is a leading expert on Islam and jihad. His works are essential readings for anyone who wants to understand the true meaning of jihad, social cohesion and integration according to Islam. This book delves into the complex subject of Jihad, offering a balanced perspective and seeking to dispel misunderstandings while providing clarity.

The esteemed author has focused on jihad with its meanings, pre-requisites and the conditions of its validity. In this book, he has also explored the Prophetic strategy of warfare, provided an exegetical analysis of the verses of the sword, and expounded on the different kinds of abodes and the concept of khilafa.

The book, ‘Jihad: Perception & Reality’, challenges the common misconceptions about jihad and provides an accurate and balanced understanding of this important concept with relevant details. It is a powerful tool for combating extremism and promoting tolerance, interfaith harmony and peace in society. It is a much needed significant contribution to the global discourse on this important and complex issue.


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